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Our new wine blogger introduces herself! 🍷🍾🧡

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I'm Susanne, I've had a wine blog on Instagram for about 2 months. My site is called my.journey.with.wine and it's not just about wine, but also about the history of the winery, traveling (which is unfortunately difficult at the moment) and also about food. Basically 3 passions.

How did I come about this?

I've always enjoyed traveling a lot. When I was 16, I went to Austria to complete my training as a restaurant specialist. The foundation stone was laid. Through various positions over the last few years, I have not only continually developed my culinary skills but also, via a detour, come to what is probably my greatest passion, wine.

If you're interested, please take a look at my page. 😊

I would be happy to tell you more about wine, food and everything that goes with it soon.

First of all, have a nice weekend, cheers



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