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I love traveling, but since it's a bit difficult this year, I've changed my plans to small trips within Germany with friends.

So it happened that last weekend I visited a good friend in Frankfurt Am Main. We had planned a day trip to Rüdesheim am Rhein together. I had written to the Georg Breuer winery in advance for a cellar tour.


When we arrived at the train station in Rüdesheim, I entered Weingut Georg Breuer on Google Maps. In order to make it to the agreed tour on time, we had to hurry up. 30 minutes later and completely out of breath (it was a steep climb) we arrived in front of a private house, nothing that suggested the winery was in sight. But a really great view of the Rhine Valley. By chance an older gentleman came by with his dog and I think he just looked at the question marks on our faces. He asked if he could help, we then asked him about the Georg Breuer winery and he told us with a smile that we were standing in front of Mrs. Senior Breuer's private house. The winery is located down in the village. What do we learn from the small sports unit? Exactly: don’t always believe everything Google Maps tells you! I then called the winery, Theresa Breuer answered and sent someone in the car to pick us up. Unfortunately, this didn't leave us much time for the tour. Mr. Höfling then showed us the cellar in quick succession and explained everything around it really well. Afterwards we had a tasting across the range in the wine shop. Here, too, Mr. Höfling took the time to explain everything to us and answer any questions we had.

After the Breuer winery, we strolled through the alleys and took the cable car to the Niederwald monument (I can only recommend it to everyone, the view is simply impressive). Finally, we treated ourselves to a glass of Federweißer with the onion cake.

Every time I visit the Rheingau, I lose my heart to the region a little more.

If you have any questions, feel free to write to me at any time via Instagram @my.journey.with.wine .

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Kind regards and cheers 🥂


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