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Advent season with Weingut Hirsch

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More than half of Advent is already over and the holidays are fast approaching. Somehow I have the feeling that time is literally running by the end of the year. I would like to tell you which red wines I will have over the holidays.

It is very important to me to purchase the wines directly from the winemaker. In my head I had something complex, powerful, in short: something with an expressive and elegant character at the same time. That's how I came to the Hirsch winery.

The winery was recommended to me in the summer by a former colleague who was currently working there as a helper. He tells me about the winery and the winemaker Christian Hirsch and his wines with such incredible enthusiasm that I basically had no choice but to try these wines.

So far I haven't had the opportunity to visit the winery in person. During a telephone conversation with Christian Hirsch, I was very fascinated by the friendliness and passion that he conveyed.

When I tried his wines, I was particularly impressed by the red wines. They bring exactly what I was looking for for the holidays with my family:

2017 CF- Cabernet Franc Large Antlers

Normally, you don't often find pure Cabernet Franc wines, as the grape variety is usually used as a blending partner. The wine matured for over 30 months in Swabian oak barrique barrels and then a few months in the bottle. Its aromas of fully ripe dark berries evolve from minute to minute and always produce something different. Despite its balanced power and complexity of aromas, it remains elegant and does not overwhelm.

2016 SY- Shiraz Large Antlers

In addition to aromas of red and dark fruits, it has a light pepper and subtle roasted note, which round off the full-bodied body. What sets him apart is his strong but very harmonious body. This wine was also allowed to mature for 30 months in Swabian oak, then 6 months in the bottle, giving it another special touch.

For me, both wines are unique in their style. They bring something special and out of the ordinary and are therefore perfect for enjoying the holidays with the family.

Here is the link to the winery:

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Stay healthy and have a wonderful, contemplative and, above all, wine-filled Christmas. See you soon, your Susanne

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